Get Your Documents Notarized

We can serve as your notary public in Abingdon & Washington County, VA

When you have official documents to sign, it may be required by law to have them notarized by a notary public. Ashley Accounting & Tax Service provides notary services from our office in Abingdon, VA, Washington County and the surrounding areas.

Our staff can sit with you and other parties to handle every part of notarizing your documents. We'll ensure that your documents are made official and are ready to be filed with the proper office.

Bring your notary needs to a company with years of experience. Email us today to schedule a date and time for notarizing your documents.

What is a notary?

What is a notary?

A notary public is an appointed official who serves as a witness in a variety of situations. It's a notary's job to verify that someone signed a document and that they are who they say they are. They are also required to be impartial to the situation.

If you need notary services in the Abingdon and Washington County, VA region, hire Ashley Accounting & Tax Service.